The airfield Port-Aviation

Solution for S.E.A. in 1908 is to find a field of one hundred hectares, barrier-free and protected from wind.

The plot of land that was chossed il located on Viry Chatillon's city area, today in Essonne space. Close to Paris, with 15 km, it is easy to access for people as the railway station of Juvisy is not far (less one kilometer) and also close to Savigny sur Orge. At the beginning they must find a common ground in bowl form. Airplane's motors had no power enough to take off and flying easy.

In five years, progress of the airplanes and first war made users came to settle on the hills surrounding the airfield of Port-Aviation.
The french flying training school in 1916 must settle ancillary facilities on Savigny, Fleury-Mérogis, or Vieille Poste areas, today Orly airport field.

The floods in 1910

Even today we encounter someones who say  "the land is abandoned after the floods of 1910". Of course, it's false. Can we imagine after flooding of the Seine in 1910, from Melun to Rouen everything has been left on the nearest edges of the Seine like to Paris and Issy-les-Moulineaux? It is impossible. En 2014, in Viry-Chatillon the Port-Aviation district is allways in a flooding area tagged in red on flooding maps : the old building as well as residential housing. Why ? Because Viry-Chatillon is build on alluvial deposits  of two rivers :

  • the Seine coming from Melun comes up against the hillside of Savigny and Juvisy which deflects northward,
  • the Orge coming from Saint Germain les Arpajon via the valley between Epinay and Morsang-sur-Orge and runs along and at the foot of the slotes of Savigny and Juvisy to throw himself into the Seine in Athis Mons.

Louis Brunel wrote in his book in 1975 « JUVISY au XVIIIe siècle », page 19 : "The Orge river does not lead to Viry. I hold irrefutable that this channel (the false Orge river) was dug by men in evidence." And " ... Indeed, the "small river of Viry," often called "false Orge River" had the disadvantage of being supported in times of flooding by the waters of the great river (Seine) which inflate, so being retained in the plain between Juvisy and Ris and the floor of the great path that has not enough for his ark to open space, so it floods throughout the country, and the Antin bridge which is in its current has a low and narrow arch, making water ransacked the feet of two wing walls they crumble and is fully degraded in part, so it is necessary to demolish all to build a new bridge with a broader and more exalted ark."

But we must wait a lot of years to see limited overflows of the Seine by building upstream four big lakes who runs during 1950 and 1990 period.