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Aeronautical information

Site Comments The history of french airports. Many information, pictures. Visit it. International aeronautical E-magazine The référence site for helicopters Pionniers of aeronautical history The association "Le Mans Sarthe Aéro Rétro" built a copy of a Wright Flyer III who take off at 22 July 2005 A database on aviators, airplanes and many more, also outside from Touraine. To be visited ! The site of retired people from the Marcel Dassault company who rebuild a Donnet-Levêque from 1912, which is issued from the first flying boat built by François Denhaut in Port-Aviation. To support it, visit the website ! Friendly website which celebrate centennal of fligh of gyroplane in 2007. You will find various information on the begin of flyng in north of France as well on Breguet. A website that is dedicated to aeronautical documents archives. Interesting ! After the Champagne you drink, this site show you the region with name Champagne with his aeronautical history. Interesting ! Visit the site of the Air Museum of Angers and discover a lot of documents and pictures. Interesting ! For military aviation fans at first. Discover many pictures and videos. Interesting ! The story of the first air races. Discover this interesting site who talk about Port-Aviation and pilotes who fly in Port-Aviation. For history aeronautical meeting fans. A must ! The site by Albin Denis, who talk about the military flying schools in Port-Aviation and the french squadron during the war period 1914-1918.



Site Comments Aerial photography at low price.

Press and aeronautical media

Site Comments Air Contact is a paper published monthly in France, Belgium and Switzerland (french speaking part ). Sent for free to clubs, airports / airfields and to professionals or individuals who are subscribers.
But it's also an Internet website for purchase and sales dedicated to the aeronautical world. For  aviation fans and especially for acrobatic patrols. Very beautiful pictures.
To see on the website, but more again read the book published in June 2009 by JPH Editions that shows pictures of 39 acrobatic patrols.


Site Comments Directory of Leisure sites who shows Port-Aviation. Daniel Clerc' site show you Essonne aera and Port-Aviation is show with several pictures. If you like wood airplane models, this site is for you. If you are a fan of coins and medals. You like models, visit Olivier Chican's website who presents heritages and who provides Port-Aviation's model. Choosepictures, aviation directory. To find all you want or seeks regarding aviation.